Union Square

Philip has made the book available to download for free as a PDF.

You are free to download the book without charge. If you are able to, feel free to donate to one of the following charitable organizations listed below. Contact me if you have any inquiries about the book or any photograph.

To help all the people of Ukraine:

Nova Ukraine.

As stated on its website, this is a United States 501(c)(3) registered non-profit which provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

New York organizations:

City Meals on Wheels

This New York City organization serves meals to homebound elderly.

Gleason's Gym - Give a Kid a Dream Program

This program from Gleason's gym in Brooklyn, NY helps inner city youth through boxing training, help with schoolwork, and providing a safe haven.

Thank You for your donation.

Please download the book here ︎︎︎


Please contact me at plmbox@aol.com if you have any inquiries concerning the book or any individual photographs.